About A. A. Jansson

For 58 years, A.A. Jansson has set the bar for Calibration Services of Metrology Standards and Precision Measuring Equipment. We work alongside metrology and  calibration specialists in a diverse set of industry disciplines including nuclear,  aerospace, engineering, automotive and energy.
The standards set by Sven Lundquist , who brought his family and expertise to  Dearborn, Michigan and the Ford Motor Johansson Gage Block Division in 1923,  continues today, led by Sven’s great grandchildren, Eric and Alison Lundquist at A.A.  Jansson’s Waterford, Mich. Headquarters and Laboratory.

In its history, A.A. Jansson has grown and diversified within the measuring field becoming the go-to source for a comprehensive line of measuring products and calibration services unequaled in its dedication to accuracy and quality. Our state of the art A2LA Accredited Laboratory is not only designed to meet but exceed your requirements for ISO/IEC 17025, and ANSI/NCSL Z540. As a matter of fact, A.A. Jansson dimensional master standards are directly traceable to NIST.